Jackson Love to Sleep

Jackson Love to Sleep

Once upon a time in Chesterfield, Missouri, there lived a 13 year old boston terrier / beagle mix breed named Jackson. Jackson was a dog who loved to sleep, sleep was his all-time favorite thing to do. He would sleep all day if he could which made his owner wonder if he was part cat sometimes.

But when Jackson slept, he had the most exciting dreams. He would dream about eating all the toys in the house, chasing his dog friends around the park, and even pooping in the basement just to make his dad mad. But Jackson wasn’t always a troublemaker. Even when he broke all the rules possible, he was still an amazing friend to all.

One of his favorite things to do was to sleep on any piece of furniture he could find. He would curl up on the couch, sprawl out on the bed, and even take over his owner’s favorite recliner (which always earned him a scolding but he didn’t mind).

Despite his love for sleep, Jackson always made time for his friends. He would excitedly wag his tail every time they came over, always ready for a game of fetch or tug-of-war. Jackson was known to be the life of the party, making everyone laugh with his playful antics.

Overall, Jackson might have been a lazy dog, but he was a lovable, funny, and mischievous one. His love for sleep did not stop him from living his best life, breaking every rule he could, and being an amazing friend to all who knew him.

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