Joe the coyote hunter

Joe the Coyote Hunter

Joe the Coyote Hunter

Meet Joe, a 14-year-old shepherd breed living in St. Louis, Missouri. Joe is a funny character who loves to chase coyotes and turkeys. He also loves playing with his neighbors.

Joe has become quite well-known in the neighborhood for his coyote hunting skills. Whenever a coyote is spotted wandering around the streets, Joe is the first one to come running out of his house barking at the top of his lungs. His neighbors find this very amusing and usually end up joining in on the hunt.

One time, Joe chased a turkey right into his neighbor’s backyard. The turkey ended up knocking over a freshly painted birdhouse, causing Joe’s neighbor to make a fuss. However, Joe couldn’t stop wagging his tail as he was so proud of himself for catching the turkey.

In addition to his hunting skills, Joe is very social and loves to play with his human and canine neighbors. He can often be found running around in the dog park with his friends or barking at the squirrels in the trees.

Overall, Joe the coyote hunter is a lovable and entertaining character who adds a lot of fun to his St. Louis neighborhood.